Le Look Home of Bags Marks 34

Ankara Bag making has become huge entrepreneurial advantage for workers of Le Look Nigeria Limited, a wholly Nigerian owned company founded in 1985. The reputable bag maker created a visible niche for itself in the area of development of exquisite African craft. This has earned the company accolades and commendations among bag users all over the world, as the company has for 34 years sustained the promotion of African heritage through production of well made in Nigeria African bags.

The journey and task to the top of bag manufacturing was thorough and painstaking, as the company had over the years made huge investments in human capacity development. This was achieved through creation of job opportunities for the teeming youths of Nigeria for positive engagement and for them to earn productive living.

Le Look had been recruiting both skilled and unskilled youths and training them in Nigeria and internationally to optimize their potentials. leading the chart as the Biggest Manufacture of Ankara bags in Nigeria and one of the best Ankar

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